Makes The 2019 Streaming Media Europe 101 List Makes The 2019 Streaming Media Europe 101 List is delighted and proud to announce that we have made it onto the 2019 Streaming Media Europe 101 List, and can call ourselves one of the most innovative and influential online video companies on the continent!

This list comes out every year and is a collection of the most important and interesting companies occupying the online video space. And there’s a lot of new names on there this year; more than two dozen companies listed weren’t there the year before!

It’s wonderful to see new players entering the market with more impressive technology and features.

Rather than looking at sole content providers, this year’s list emphasises companies that create technology that enables those who do create and publish content to reach their customers in new and unique ways.

Our Bee-On platform allows us to connect big companies directly with their customers, both existing and potential, by making their voices heard. Audience engagement is at the core of everything we do, making it easier for customers to get involved with the conversation through social media, polls and competitions

Congratulations to the other 100 companies on the list!

Streaming media europe 101 2019