2019: Our Year In Review

2019: Our Year In Review

2019 was an incredible year for Never.no. There’s no doubt about it. And with a fresh new year and decade ready and waiting for us to make the most of it, we’d thought we’d take a nostalgic look back at the last 12 months and everything we achieved. Here’s our 2019 Never.No Year In Review.

Quarter one

Things kicked off in high gear at the start of 2019, with our plan to grow and invest in Never.no. We wanted to reposition the business as audience engagement specialists for broadcasters and advertisers. 

Over the course of the year we implemented a targeted plan to grow and strengthen our presence around the world, and saw local offices open in the US, Latin America, Dubai and Australia. 

In March we attended CABSAT in Dubai, which is the largest broadcast digital media and satellite expo in the Middle East and Africa, and takes place every year. This was our first time heading over to Dubai and, aside from having an incredible time, it also showed our commitment to supporting these key regions through our new international offices and staff members. These people have continued to host, speak at and present at key venues around the world throughout 2019.

Quarter two

Mid-way through the year we launched a new graphics rendering system which allows us to give our partners maximum flexibility for pushing their content however they see fit.

Prior to this, our customers could use their existing graphics solutions or could come to us for broadcast-quality and real-time customisable graphics, which forms part of our existing engagement and moderation system. Now, thanks to this new offering, we can now work with smaller digital broadcasters who may have a tighter budget or lack traditional hardware, meaning that access to audience engagement tools is no longer “exclusive”. 

Never.no became an ‘end-to-end’ solution provider for audience and customer engagement. We want as many businesses as possible to be able to harness the power of audience engagement, should they wish to!

Across the whole of 2019, it was great to see the Never.no graphics solution adopted so quickly by key customers, most notably by the All England Tennis Club (also known as Wimbledon!) who didn’t just trigger graphics for social comments, but utilised everything from name straps to graphical bugs.

We also worked with Viacom, and were over the moon to see them use our platform alongside their traditional graphics system to drive engagement on social media during Madonna’s world premiere of the music video to ‘Medellin’, which was broadcast to almost 180 countries.

Quarter three

Moving into the second half of the year, we launched some improvements to our social APIs. Here’s a few of the changes we made:

    • Delivering new polling/voting features (such as integrating into Facebook’s live polling API)

    • Launching our own widget system

    • Enhancing moderation process

    • Implementing a new Chrome plugin

    • Launching ‘Personal Response’. This system takes all the cool elements of our ad rendering platform

    • and uses it for social engagement, where end users that engage with a campaign receive not just a personalised message, but a personalised image or video, and which can be delivered at huge scales for mass audience engagement

Our CEO, Scott Davies, was particularly proud when Never.no worked for the charity ‘Breast Cancer Now’ to run their #WearItPink day, as his wife continues to bravely battle the illness. The campaign for Breast Cancer Now involved the creation of personalised ‘Thank You’ video messages to be generated on Twitter to anyone who used the hashtag #WearItPink. Altogether it generated thousands of renders, had over 20,000 views and reached just shy of two million people!

Quarter four

In the last quarter of 2019, we completely overhauled and relaunched our old STORY platform with the brand new name of Bee-On. It took our original platform and made it bigger and better than ever. Our launch announcement will tell you more details, but what Bee-On does is essentially deliver an enhanced user interface and sophisticated back-end to make utilising audience engagement easier than ever.

As well as this cutting-edge new platform, our team has doubled in the space of 12 months. This extra capacity helps us to provide a regular and enhanced road-map of continuous developments for Bee-On, as well as offering our partners and clients more hands-on support, whether that’s to do with the creative delivery, front-end build or the strategy. This helps cement our position in the industry as leading audience engagement specialists. 

Believe it or not, our 2019 Never.No Year In Review is just a snapshot of what 2019 brought us. There is already so much in the pipeline for 2020 and we truly look forward to what these next months bring us. Join us on the next chapter of our journey!