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Content Moderation Engine

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Source, Curate, Prepare & Integrate Your Audience-Generated Content with our Content Moderation Engine.

Enrich your content by finding, monitoring, tracking, and displaying your viewers’ content – including comments, images, videos, reactions, and polls – from multiple social platforms into broadcast, streamed and 2nd screen programming – in real time.

Configure and automatically run engagement, language, and media filters; apply blacklists and whitelists to users, terms and words. Set engagement and verification rules and clean up your carousel before manual review. Whitelist your talent, reporters and influencers, and set up moderation workflows with differentiated admin roles and approval levels.

Bee-On’s Social Moderation Engine gives broadcasters, digital publishers and brands the most complete toolset to harness the power of audience-generated content. 

With full access to major social media platforms and integration with the Chrome web browser for clipping, Bee-On empowers your team to monitor, moderate, and deliver discussions or media directly into live and pre-recorded programming.

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Connect your production workflow and engage your audience from anywhere, using Bee-On’s cloud-based architecture

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Push relevant content directly into live and pre-recorded programming, on-screen, to studio displays, or delivered directly to the presenters’ prompter

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Search, moderate, edit, publish and even respond to audience-generated content, in real time from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube and anywhere across the web with full Chrome Browser access

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Use bespoke or ready-to-use graphics templates with Bee-On’s Real-Time Social Graphics Engine, or easily integrate content into your native On-Air Graphics System

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Identify and monitor the social media trends of the moment; track and improve viewer engagement, analyse and publish reports in real-time

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Monetize content with easy to implement brand and sponsor integrations into any graphics or messages

Real-Time Social Graphics Enhanced MTV’s Live Global Broadcast Of Madonna’s Comeback MTV (a unit of ViacomCBS) used Bee-on’s moderation engine to create advanced graphics including live social content for MTV’s  global broadcast of “Madonna’s Live and Exclusive: ‘Medellín’ Video World Premiere” event in 2019. The show had live segments produced  simultaneously in London, Miami, São Paulo and New York, and generated reactions from all over the World. Our Real-Time Social Graphics enable content producers to moderate content and populate UGC graphics outputs from anywhere in the World. More about how we executed the project here

Audience Energizes SBS’ Sydney Mardi Gras

SBS Australia used Bee-On to manage viewer-generated content for their broadcast of the 41st Annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras in 2019.


The show was highly interactive, and the World’s biggest and most spectacular celebration of the LGBTQI community.


Learn how they delivered the experience for viewers.

Sydney Mardi Gras

RTÉs Social Voting at the Nation’s Greatest Sporting Moment


Ireland’s RTÉ used Bee-On to drive audience participation in their search for Ireland’s Greatest Sporting Moment.


This show had presenters and analysts debate Ireland’s most significant sporting moments of the last 50 years, with viewers and a live audience driving the editorial narrative.


The format engaged viewers in both broadcast and digital outlets, leading to an increase in viewing audience share and becoming the number one trend on social media on each night of its live broadcasts.

More here