Voting & Polling

Voting and Polling

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Get your audience’s opinion, in real time on any topic or discussion with our Voting & Polling platform.

Ask your audience. Create discussions, measure opinion and sentiment.  Influence programming using social polls across multiple platforms, or your very own widget! Deliver live results into broadcast or digital production flows with on-point graphics.

Votes and polls are a quick and immediate tactic to include audiences’ opinions in your conversation. Ideal for chat shows, live sports, reality TV and everything in between, for live or pre-recorded programming and across broadcast or digital streams.

Broadcasters that have used our Voting and Polling platform include MTV, SBS, and Channel 4.

Live poll with Prompter
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Boost interactions and amplify the voice of your audience

Check Mark In Circle

Create, edit, track and publish dynamic poll results at any point,in real time

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Run native or social media polls using Twitter, Facebook, third-party apps, email and other sources

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Create and manage live polls for broadcast and digital streams filtering results by project, time, media, source or location

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Aggregate response across social media sources into one unified result to influence content and campaigns

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Create the best voting graphics with Bee-On’s Real-Time Social Graphics or via native broadcast graphics systems

MTV Turned a Pre-Recorded Show into a Live Viewer Experience In a ground-breaking move, MTV used Bee-On to create dynamic content On-Air Promos with fast delivery including live poll results from social media, minutes before they were due to air. MTV UK’s True Love or True Lies gave audiences the opportunity to engage with each episode, sharing  opinions with others and seeing results seconds before the actual show results reveal. The On-Air Promo template was created by the MTV team in advance, and configured to ingest dynamic voting content, enabling playlist updates on the fly. Learn how we do this here.
Twitter polls used to choose the big pop culture winners of the decade Channel 4’s (UK) broadcast of The World Cup of the Decade  (2019) is a look back at the last 10 years of popular culture. Exploring film, TV and songs, viewers took a trip down memory lane while the hosts announced winners in each category, and an overall winner for each group. The show was pre-produced but used votes cast via social media in advance of filming to shape the editorial’s outcome and ultimately decide who were the decade’s big winners. Learn how we do this here.
Coors Light and Channel 4  Run Live TV Rap Battle In a unique collaboration, Zenith worked with Channel 4 and to create the ‘That’s Cold’ campaign: A rap battle championship. Three rap stars fought it out to  win a branded beer bottle and be crowned ‘The Coldest of All Time’. The viewing audience voted in real time with live results updating dynamically during ad breaks. The final winner was crowned live on TV. See how we do it in our overview.