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Tag: Real-Time-Graphics


CBC wanted a way to incorporate viewer participation into its talkshow program ‘Power and Politics’.

Don’t Look Down & WeChat

Don’t Look Down Convergence Agency integrates WeChat into their programming, enabling the audience to send messages and engage with live polls.

Channel 4 & Crufts Dog Show

Channel 4 engaged viewers of Crufts, the world’s premier dog show, by using Never.no’s Social TV platform Bee-On as a way to let the audience share content on air.

ITV & Daytime

ITV used our on-air social engagement software Bee-On to manage the live integration of social content into their ‘Daytime’ programming.

QVC Japan

For the segment ‘Azabu Provador’, QVC included Tweets sent in by viewers via their hashtag #qvcjp and Twitter handle @QVC_Japan. Using never.no’s Interactivity Suite QVC producers sourced incoming Tweets then selected and moderated the best ones to be ingested to the Vizrt graphics system for on-air playout.

Comedy Central Roast of James Franco- Viacom CBS

Comedy Central James Franco Roast Social Encore
The Social Encore aired immediately following the premiere, and included celebrity and at-home viewer social posts over 100% of each segment of the broadcast. (“Wall-to-wall” social)