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Martin Lewis Money Show

ITV’s Money Saving Expert Shares Live Insights

Following the success of Multi Story Media’s use of Bee-On for ITV’s Peston Show, the audience engagement platform was used to power conversation for a one-off live programme of The Martin Lewis Show during the Covid-19 pandemic.

ABC and Q&A

ABC harnessed the Bee-On software to bring genuine audience interaction to their weekly #QandA show, and to get the audience involved with political debates.

Sky News UK & PMQs

Sky News UK used Never.no’s social moderation platform Bee-On to integrate live social commentary from experts during key political moments.

Don’t Look Down & WeChat

Don’t Look Down Convergence Agency integrates WeChat into their programming, enabling the audience to send messages and engage with live polls.

BBC Up For Hire

Connect the audience at home with the hosts and the live studio audience.