ABC and Q&A

December 17, 2019

Client: - ABC and Q&A Project: - Manage audience interactions via our Content Moderation Engine, Bee-On.

Broadcaster, ABC hosts Q&A, which is a weekly show that focuses heavily on politics, but also touches on the big issues facing Australia, and is greatly driven by interaction from the public our Content Moderation Engine, Bee-On is used to bring the social interaction into broadcast.

The Q&A show receives thousands of comments and opinions from their audience across a range of social media platforms. The platform where they receive the most input is Twitter, and it’s not just during the show – tweets often flood in before and after, too. 

The challenge: The producers wanted to make sure that they were being as inclusive as possible and creating a constant narrative between themselves and their audience. But the constant influx of comments makes the process of gathering, sorting and selecting the relevant social commentary a lot more challenging. 

How we did it: By utilising the Bee-On platform, the Q&A producers over at the ABC were now able to gather all social and digital commentary in one easy-to-manage location. Being able them access them quickly allows the producers to moderate the comments quickly and efficiently, and then display these comments on the linear broadcast.

Doing this helps to fuel constructive discussions taking place during the live show. With Bee-On, the producers are now able to manage larger volumes of comments, and they can keep their 

promise of being even more inclusive and diverse, thus bridging the gaps that exist between the online world and the studio and their broadcast.

Here’s a link of Bee-On in action…

Peter McEvoy, Creator and Executive Producer of Q&A said, 

“Q&A has pioneered one of the most ambitious social and broadcast media integrations in the world and requires the very best in the flexible and powerful social media tools. provided Q&A with a solution for locating and publishing social content during the program’s broadcast in a user-friendly manner, that makes moderating trending content manageable. The team at were immensely helpful in the onboarding process, and ongoing support has been flawless.”

After a successful run of the series in 2019, Peter and the rest of the team over at Q&A are looking forward to the future where they can expand on their success and continue to pioneer new ways of using the Bee-On platform, including helping the Australian public partake in future political debates.