Peston: ITV’s Political Show Powered by Social Media

May 12, 2020

Client: ITV

Project: Audience participation is central to Peston, ITV’s flagship politics show (UK)

The Challenge

ITV’s Peston Show wants to incite viewer conversation around UK politics, extend user content beyond Twitter’s livestream and feature the audience’s comments in a big studio screen, where host Robert Peston highlights discussion points.

Producers need to locate relevant audience-generated Tweets, moderate, and publish in real time and straight into the production workflow with embedded media onto the shows’ large in-studio screen.

The Peston show using Bee-on by

How we did it

ITV Studios has ample experience with Bee-On, our cloud-based solution. Our team worked with Kenziko, ITV’s touchscreen software provider, to integrate Bee-On – which includes fully-authorised API access to Twitter – into the show’s production workflow.  There, Peston’s social producer was able to monitor and select viewer’s comments.

Peston airs on ITV at 1030 PM after the news, so it is important to keep broadcast quality standards consistent and ensure the content is moderated to filter trolls and irrelevant Tweets – a potentially embarrassing situation! went through a testing phase with the producers, using #Peston to aggregate relevant comments and line up Tweets into a timeline where profile details, location (where possible) and inappropriate content could be moderated and removed with ease. 

Prepped and ready to go, the producers are confident can quickly and efficiently deliver appropriate content onto the big screen.

Peston Touchscreen powered by Bee-on by

The results

Robert Peston presents a fresh, intelligent and lively perspective on the big topics of the day, featuring major interviews with Westminster heavy hitters, topical guests and all the latest news and updates.

Throughout the week, and during the live show, Peston’s social media team create CTAs via @ITVPeston, engaging directly with their 60,000+ followers and creating conversations, gathering the sentiment across politics, throughout the week and during the live show.

Twitter is well suited to stream original live content and the most efficient bridge between content and audience. Producers push relevant Tweets to a large touch-screen display in the studio where co-host Anushka Asthana highlights the most interesting questions and comments, alongside recent stats and newspaper headlines.

“We loved getting started with Bee-On. It’s a very powerful system full of features we can’t wait to use week-after-week on Peston. Immediately we’ve been impressed by the way it has integrated into our touchscreen and the way in which it pulls in and displays tweets with embedded media so quickly and so well. The team worked really closely with us to get the system up and running, and we know it is going to be a big hit on the show.”