Bonami & Peach

Bonami & Peach

Client: - Bonami Project: - Share Unique Daily Offers with TV Viewers

Interactive agency and global ad delivery company Peach have partnered to deliver a dynamic TVC for Czech online retailer Bonami.

The 6-week campaign is the first time Bonami, the exclusive online marketplace for décor and furniture, have advertised on TV. The campaign has been developed to share and amplify unique offer codes, shared daily, that expire within 24 hours. and Peach’s unique partnership allows for the creation and delivery of new TVC’s same day, saving time and allowing Bonami to make decisions based on current stock or shopping trends.

Throughout the campaign, viewers are shown a different offers and rewards from money off vouchers to free shipping, driving them to the company’s website to redeem.


Jakub Štěpán, Head of Marketing at Bonami says: “This innovative solution  allows us to maximize the effectiveness of our TV budget. We are testing many different call to action messages at the end of our spots and monitor the effect in our web/e-shop. It is a great benefit that we can change the messages almost in real time without the cost commonly associated with production and advertising agency.”’s advanced advertising solution, developed and proven by brands like Coca-Cola, Danone and Specsavers, enables advertisers to integrate dynamic content such as social media or client-originated content into TVC’s, changing messaging hours before broadcast. The cloud-based technology means that unique variations of the TVC can be generated in minutes and delivered via IMD Cloud to broadcast networks that same day.

The innovative campaign bridges the gap between TV and digital and gives Bonami a way to make their TV spots as dynamic as digital platforms. The unique daily codes also gives the brand a way to identify the success of each spot by evaluating the most-used codes on their website.

Ed Abis, Commercial Director of says “Our Technology and Bonami’s insights can really combine to allow them to tap into real-time information to deliver offers to their customers which are more targeted and more likely to generate a direct response. We are excited to work with them throughout this campaign to deliver and track tangible results that they can impact on a daily basis.”

Milos Palecek, Country Manager at Peach added “Manual processes which were perfect for single campaigns just aren’t going to cut it. Now is


the time to simplify workflows, and embrace the potential of automation and new technology to ensure that the potential of ads variations can be fully realized. I’m excited that our revolutionary, fast and fully automated IMD Cloud platform is able to support such a worthy cause.”

Ultimately, the solution means that creative can be refreshed each time an ad airs and drives audiences to participate. The next step for the retailer is to use real-time information from the webshop such as products and pricing to update the TV ads on a daily basis.