Channel 4 & Crufts

Channel 4 & Crufts

Client: - Channel 4 Project: - Crufts

UK broadcaster C4 used’s audience engagement platform Bee-On to generate a live social poll and feed with the graphics being run by Storm Broadcast.

This involved Real-time engagement and interactivity with dog loving viewers and owners, whereby our platform allowed Twitter, Facebook and Instagram posts to be fed into the live programming.

These were read out by TV presenter Clare Baldwin, and people could feature on the screen with their beloved pets and a message to go with. It created a really personal element to the show and gave people a massive sense of involvement, as well as letting everybody see them and their dog which fundamentally, is what it’s all about.

For others, it evoked a sense of emotion and allowed the viewer to express how their dog makes them feel and how it has helped them with certain struggles in their life such as mental health issues. This was particularly touching to watch, especially in the instance of Jennifer and her dog Susie who feature in the video below.

Our platform has proven that a programme can be brought to life and made much more inclusive of its audience. Crufts is the perfect example of this due to its celebratory nature and willingness to be involved from a socially savvy audience.

The climax was on the Sunday night where we really engaged with our audience by running a live social poll as to who their favourite dog was. We had thousands of viewers interact and vote, resulting in “Dave the boxer” coming out as top dog. You can see more in the video below:


Antonia Howard-Taylor, Executive Commissioner at Channel 4, shared, “’s social engagement platform Bee-On helped build the audience interaction around our Crufts TV coverage. At Channel 4, we’re continuously trying to enhance the viewer experience by creating more engaging and interactive content. We saw thousands of viewers engage and interact, creating viral content and broadening the reach of the Crufts story and brand.”