Channel 4 & PlayStation

Channel 4 & PlayStation

Client: Channel 4

Project: PlayStation

British broadcaster Channel 4 and PlayStation teamed up with to run a unique interactive ad-break takeover during the show reality show ‘Gogglebox’, on Friday night. The interactive Ad gave viewers the chance to win a PlayStation prizepack via a live competition mechanic on Twitter which trended across Europe.

The promotion, created by The Outfit, for PlayStation 4 and the game ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ prompted viewers to watch the Ad closely for details on how to enter. The audience was shown footage from new Horizon Zero game, then asked to identify which weapon was used and Tweet their answer with the hashtag #PlayStationLive.

There was a huge flurry of entries as people Tweeted their answers in the 5-minute window, making #PlayStationLive a trending hashtag across Europe that night.’s Competition Management Module in Bee-On was used to manage the incoming Twitter entries and randomly select a winner from the correct entries. Making use of STORY’s Firehose/GNIP access meant Channel 4 could be certain they’d receive all entries, meeting their competition compliance requirements. They could also generate compliance reports at a click of a button whist measuring the impact, timing and contributor details using Bee-On’s Analyse feature.

Bee-On’s competition settings managed the max entry settings, making sure that while people could enter more than once, they couldn’t enter at an unfair level to other players.

The lucky winner ‘@cra1gstweet’ and the runners up were displayed and announced live in the subsequent Ad break live, giving the audience a real sense of immediacy with the real-time ‘reveal’.

Whist the competition generated great brand awareness and engagement levels, it also retained viewers as they were talking socially about PlayStation, Gogglebox, C4 and waiting to see if they had won. People also continued to congratulate the winner on social media after the event and into the evening.