CPAC & The Democracy Project

June 16, 2019

Client: - CPAC Project: - The Democracy Project

Canadian Public Affairs Channel (CPAC) led the political conversation in Canada by inviting viewers to share their thoughts during The Democracy Project. The live program featured real-time audience panel discussions as well as unique perspectives from viewers via social media.

The in-studio audience, as well as people watching across the country, could share their thoughts on the topic of Truth and Trust. Social media played a pivotal role in the program, helping drive the editorial and offering a variety of perspectives from Canadians.’s real-time graphics solution enabled CPAC to engage their viewers in conversation and brought a new interactive element to their broadcast. The CPAC team used Bee-On to collect Tweets using #DemocracyProject in the week leading up to the event as well as during the live broadcast. created HTML5 graphic templates based on designs from CPAC which were used to display the social content in screens around the studio.

During the live broadcast, a mixed audience of invited luminaries and interested members of the public were treated to 90 minutes of lively discussion and debate with a diverse set of interviewees and panellists from across Canada. Presenters Peter Van Dusen and Karen Pugliese read out real-time Tweets and opinions that were pushed to an iPad using Prompter while simultaneously displayed on the screens in the studio.

Of the event, our Business Development Manager Karl says: “There’s very little that matches the thrill of being involved in a live broadcast. Bee-On played its part brilliantly, providing a fantastic way for the editorial team to surface the best comments from the social media conversation that was happening. On the day itself, the HTML5 output was indistinguishable from other broadcast graphics, and showed the power and simplicity of using Bee-On in the broadcast environment.”

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