ITV & Daytime

ITV & Daytime

Client: ITV

Project: Daytime

ITV, the UK’s largest commercial broadcaster, used our on-air social engagement software Bee-On to manage the live integration of social content into their ‘Daytime’ programming.

Award-winning shows in the ITV Daytime family such as Good Morning Britain and Lorraine used Bee-On to interact live via social channels and then bring those interactions instantly into the broadcast environment.

ITV Daytime is driving the inclusion of social comments, images and videos as well as asking the audience to vote socially on key moments to make their shows more interactive.’s Prompter application gave the show’s presenters a way to see what content has been published to air in realtime, whether it was social media posts, images, videos, polls or trends.

"Prompter takes away the hassle of copying and pasting comments, and gets audience interaction into the hands of our presenters quicker than ever before."
Simon Keogan
Social Producer, This Morning
“Just as Warhol said, in the future, everyone will have their 15 minutes of fame but with social media, this has turned into 15 seconds and we needed to embrace that more than we had been. During a live news or magazine show, we are flooded by audience-derived content and in order to capitalise on that we needed to reflect this on-screen via our Viz Graphics system - and quickly!
“Bee-On by gives production the ability to gather, moderate and publish actually during a programme item, not 10mins later or after an ad break - right then. Speed is the key - if you can tap into social media feeds whilst the topic is still relevant or still in the moment, it becomes a way to drive up visibility and the amount of people talking about your show and brand.”
Tim Guilder
Technical Manager for ITV Daytime
“ITV’s Daytime shows are not only iconic, but have a large socially engaged audience by their nature. So we are very excited to be part of the process, providing the tools and support to ITV’s production teams to help drive their social engagement and to bring that engagement with the audience directly to the primary screen in real-time.”
Scott Davies
CEO of