ITV’s Money Saving Expert Shares Live Insights

March 23, 2020

Client: ITV & Multistory Media / The Martin Lewis Money Show (UK)

Project: Powering engagement without a live audience

Following the success of Multistory Media’s Peston Show on ITV, Bee-On was also used to power conversation in The Martin Lewis Money Show’s live programme early during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The challenge

The Martin Lewis Money Show is ITV’s (UK) live studio audience show about home finances.

In a last-minute change due to stay-at-home orders, and with just 48 hours notice, the show was produced without a live studio audience. Producers needed Martin to connect with viewer, create engaging conversations, and offer useful insight on the financial issues around Covid-19.

How we did it

Our team worked with Multistory Media to power conversation within the show’s short turnaround times.


Bee-On is the ideal tool to deliver what they needed. Using #MartinLewis to spark the conversation on Twitter, viewers tweeted questions and opinions, hoping to get mentions in the show.


Bee-On integrated seamlessly into broadcast and in-studio displays; producers gathered the best Tweets from the audience and lined them up on Bee-On’s timeline for broadcast. 


Integrated into a graphics engine from Kenziko (, Bee-On pushed real-time content to a large touchscreen in-studio, where Martin Lewis and his co-hosts highlighted and discussed trending topics as they arose.

The results

The 30-minute live show was a fast-paced event expertly hosted by Martin. The money-saving pro ran through a wide range of topics, as questions on credit, rent and savings flooded the studio. Social input was harvested, moderated and published via Bee-On, our SaaS cloud platform.


Live audiences and large crews are not advisable any longer. Multistory Media and ITV created a show where audiences are still central to the narrative. By leveraging social media powered by Bee-On, the audience engaged even more that they would have in the studio. 

#MartinLewis began trending on Twitter and became the third highest most talked about topic in the UK during the show. With conversation heating up, #MartinLewis continued in the top-five rank for the next five hours as the host jumped on Twitter and continued answering questions. Big issues such as ‘work,’ holiday’ and ‘mortgage holiday’ were significant in the conversation, which also included NHSWorkers’, credit’ and ‘refund’.


“The team at were so supportive in the fast turnaround nature of our production.  Offering remote training sessions for our production teams and support throughout the whole process. The system worked without a glitch and the software assisted us in being able to successfully execute a central part of the programme,” said Anthony Chuck, production manager at MultiStory Media.

Live Martin Lewis money show twitter engagement