Mammoth Graphics & Tour de France

Mammoth Graphics & Tour de France

Client: Mammoth Graphics

Project: Tour de France

Mammoth Graphics used Bee-On to gather and publish live social media content into ITV4’s coverage of the 2017 Tour de France.

Viewers were encouraged to interact throughout the ITV Cycling coverage by sharing their thoughts via Twitter and Facebook. The call out to engage is made via the on-screen graphics and by commentators who frequently ask the audience to interact using @itvcycling or #itvtour.

Mammoth use’s social moderation platform Bee-On to gather and select relevant comments to be published into Vizrt systems for broadcast and digital playout.

Additionally, fans could ask questions using #ITVtour and have them answered on air by commentators in a live Q&A.

Viewers were enthusiastically tweeting their questions in during the broadcast.

They loved being able to interact with the coverage and were even sharing their moment of fame back to their own networks.