Manoto - Grimm Promo

Manoto - Grimm Promo

Client: - Manoto Project: - Grimm Promo

London-based Persian language channel Manoto are using’s social moderation platform to interact more and more with their viewers across multiple shows and projects with exciting results.

Manoto first started our using cloud-based platform Bee-On a year ago to be able to interact with viewers on social media for their daily programs. They saw a great response, particularly with their daily magazine show ‘ManotoPlus’ where viewers could send in pictures and see themselves in the live show. Amirali Khorasani, Senior Programming & Planning Coordinator at Manoto says, “Our viewers love that they can interact and see their videos and comments on air”.

Manoto uses Bee-On every day to manage the network’s live audience engagement. “The simple interface makes it very easy to use. One of the biggest advantages is there’s no need to book a graphics team to make edits. I can do it anytime from anywhere and takes only a few minutes to render videos or send comments to air almost instantly”, Amirali tells us.

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After seeing how well it worked for programming, Manoto knew that employing Bee-On-VR,’s solution for video ad rendering, was the next step for them.

To promote their broadcast of the police drama series Grimm, Manoto are encouraging the audience to share their videos on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook for the opportunity to star in on-air promos.’s platform means the on-air promos can be refreshed with UGC or dynamic content on the fly so that each spot is unique. Producers can easily monitor the content being shared with the campaign’s hashtag, select the best social videos to be included in the creative, and render new versions for broadcast and digital within minutes.