NBC & Lego

NBC & Lego

Client: - NBC Project: - Lego

US broadcaster NBC used Never.no’s audience engagement platform Bee-On to generate dynamic ad spots for the ‘LEGO Jurassic World Secret Exhibit’ show. The campaign, seen by over 2 million US viewers, gave audiences the chance to interact with the show and share their LEGO creations.

The video supplied by the client contained spots where the dynamic content would be ingested efficiently at the last minute. Viewers responded to the call-to-action to share their LEGO photos via social media and Never.no’s Bee-On platform was used to aggregate the incoming audience content. Selected photos were then integrated into the video template and rendered in broadcast-quality in minutes.

Digital previews were also rendered using Bee-On, giving the team the opportunity to approve and make creative and legal decisions on the spot.

Never.no’s platform gave producers the opportunity to easily collect social content from the audience, weave that into the creative and generate final video ready for on-air trafficking. For the TV audience, it enhanced the viewing experience as it gave them a way to interact with the show and have their moment of fame.


Encouraging the audience to interact on social and have that content included as part of the on-air campaign helps drive engagement and reach for broadcasters and brands.

NBC Network Partnerships Group said “Never.no helped us execute social commercials for various clients across the holiday season. They made the process seamless through gathering submissions across social platforms, publishing content to our broadcast network under a tight deadline, and providing key engagement results. They were great partners and instrumental in our process.“

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