SBS & Mardi Gras

SBS & Mardi Gras

Client: - SBS Project: - Mardi Gras

Australian broadcaster SBS used our social engagement platform Bee-On to manage viewer-generated social content for their broadcast of the 41st Annual Sydney Gay & Lesbian Mardi Gras . This was a highly interactive campaign and the world’s biggest and most spectacular celebration of the LGBTQI community.

Our platform enabled them to incorporate live Tweets into their broadcast of the event, which featured some of the best social from the viewing audience giving them an opportunity to interact.

Nicole Crosdale, Senior Project Manager at SBS said “We chose’s social moderation platform Bee-On largely in part due to their ability to manage high volumes of social content during popular events. For our producers, being able to source and moderate relevant content from the audience and get that to air quickly and efficiently is imperative for events like Mardi Gras and Eurovision”.

We planned with the SBS team prior so they were able to get as much great social content as possible before and during the 2 hour live broadcast. Editorially, it was all about contextual content. Their strategy was social, not for socials sake, but to engage with their audience by generating content that reflected what they were saying and thinking whilst watching.

Scott Davies, CEO at says: “It was an aim this year to implement key hubs around the world to work with our clients as closely as possible, so it was fantastic to have Jenna make this happen for us in Australia, but to also have SBS come onboard as one of our latest partners, seamlessly integrating audience engagement into the Mardi Gras coverage. We look forward to seeing their creativity as the relationship continues.“

SBS Image - Jenna