The Social Driven By UGC

December 27, 2019

Client: - CTV Project: - The Social - Driven By User Generated Content

CTV is a Canadian English-language television network that has a daily, one-hour magazine-style show called The Social. They approached us for new User Generated Content social media graphics to align with the desired rebranding of the show for Season 7.

User Generated Content - The Social

This project gave us a chance to bring out our new HTML graphics output on the Bee-On platform with the aim of producing broadcast-quality rendering, something we were excited to develop.

During The Social’s summer hiatus, the show rebranded their look and wanted to include an HTML graphics package that would align with the rebrand.’s Creative Services team worked on breathing fresh and exciting life into designs provided by CTV’s graphics department. The HTML graphics from passed the control room test and got the go-ahead from the editorial, production and engineering teams.

Once the graphics were completed, they were uploaded to CTV’s dedicated Bee-On server and their entire production team was trained in the process of publishing HTML graphics. We then worked with the broadcast engineers to set up key and fill using vMix software and Blackmagic display hardware.

This incredibly light solution, once finalised, could be fully controlled by the editorial staff, enabling them to push graphics directly to the switcher when ready for on air broadcast.

Using social media and the hashtag #TheSocialCTV, the broadcast team was able to view, select and moderate tweets and Facebook posts from the audience, before displaying them on screen.

The team was on-hand to lend support to producers and engineers throughout the process, and respond to queries or requested tweaks – including design changes – to ensure the content was ready to air in time for the Season 7 premiere.

The results: Season 7 of The Social went live on September 9th, with’s graphics appearing on-air throughout the season premier and all subsequent editions of the show. Audience contributions have become an integral feature of The Social